About Xi (Zoran) He

Selfie in the beautiful NYC

My name is Xi He, you can call me Zoran. I come from a big mountainous city named Chongqing in China.

I moved to the United States to study condensed matter physics in 2004. Now I have a PH.D. in physics and work as a scientific researcher in the Long Island, NY.

However, photography has always been my passion ever since my dad passed me a disposable camera when I was 5 and I took a photo of him. I still remember the moment. I always take a camera with me, slowly I learned to take better and better pictures from film to digital. I love taking photos of all the beautiful things, from breathtaking landscape to amazing architectures.

I am particularly amazed by the fantastic shape and structures created by the great architects and mother nature.

A photo of my dad taken by me when I was 5 years old

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